Secure Windows and Doors for Elderly Parents and Neighbours this winter

As professionals in the Windows & Doors business, we are only too familiar with the concept that they may be considered as “weak points” in your home, easiest to attack by burglars. Obviously an unlocked door or window is an open invitation to a thief so it is important to ensure that all your windows and doors close and lock correctly. We also stress to all our customers that they should also carry out this inspection for elderly parents and neighbours.

Another aspect of door and window security is how they are constructed. Wooden Doors and windows are always susceptible to being forced open and windows can be prised open with the correct tools

Athlone Windows supply UPVC or Aluminium windows and doors. Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure that all our frames are mechanically strong, tough and durable, backed by a 15 year product performance guarantee.

With dual opening facilities, safety and security is paramount; therefore all Tilt & Turn windows are fitted with high-performance locking and innovative gearing mechanisms as standard.

Casement windows are fitted with multi-point locking mechanisms as standard, ensuring only the highest levels of safety and security for your home. All window components and hardware are specifically selected and fitted to ensure ease of use and long term performance.

French windows are fitted with high-security locking mechanisms, ensuring that both openings remain safely and securely fixed when in their locked positions.

Locking Systems

Safety and security is of utmost importance, that is why only the highest performance multi-point locking systems are fitted as standard to our windows and doors. Our products are also fitted with strong hinges and quality handles as standard. Our hardware components are salt spray tested to 600 hours (up to 3 times more than the industry standard) thereby ensuring longer term performance


Fitted to windows for enhanced security. Bolts shoot out from the top and bottom of the locking system and slot securely into keeps located on the outerframe.

Hook Locks

Fitted to doors for enhanced security. Hooks situated at the top and bottom of the locking system slot securely into keeps located on the outerframe.

Trojan Hinge

Fitted to casement windows, these heavy-duty hinges are designed to offer extra strength and security. Ideal for triple glazed applications.

Restrictor Hinge

Fitted to windows for enhanced safety and security. Restrictors activate when the sash is opened and can be released manually from the inside.